Some people wash their cars and trucks all the the time and other people almost never take their car or truck to the car wash. It is true that your car will look great after a car wash, but the main reason you want wash your vehicle is because it will keep it performing it’s best and protect it’s resale value. Washing your car or truck prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from sticking to your car or truck and damaging it’s paint and finish. Conventional wisdom is that car or truck owners should wash them 1-2 times a month unless they are dealing with some of the issues laid out below…

How Often Should You Wash Your Car or Truck?

  • Where Do You Live? – Do you live near an industrial area? What about an ocean or an area with a bunch of trees? Do you live near a construction sites or part of the country with a bunch insects? Do you experience a lot of dust where you live? Is your car being pigeon bombed?
  • How Often Do You Drive and How Far? – The more your car or truck is driven the more dirt, dust, mud, and bugs will be sticking to it.
  • What is Your Weather Like? – Do you experience heavy rains, sun, heat, cold, snow, heavy winds, and salt? What about acid rain?
  • Is Your Car Stored? – Is your car or truck protected when it’s not being driven or is it exposed to the elements?
  • How Important is Your Car’s Appearance? – Maybe you want your car to look brand new or enjoy driving in a clean car. Maybe you don’t.

You Should Wash Your Car If It Comes Into Contact With …

  • Bugs – The bugs and what they leave behind isn’t visually appealing and it can damage your car when it bonds with your paint and finish. The longer you wait to removed them the tougher it will be to get rid of the marks without chipping your paint.
  • Bird Droppings – Bird droppings will harden overtime, especially in warmer weather, and can cause etching and damage to your vehicle’s paint and finish.
  • Tree Sap – If you are living in an area with a lot of trees, your car or truck will have a greater chance to come into contact with tree sap. Tree sap will corrode your cars paint and finish overtime and lead to discoloration and stains. Heat helps to accelerate tree sap problems.
  • Long Drives – The longer you have to travel, the more dirt and bugs you will come into contact with and usually you be be hitting them at greater speeds. A daily car wash will be needed in most cases.
  • Heat – Heat accelerates damage and the combination of sun and heat can melt your car’s wax protection.
  • Rain – When your car or truck deals with a lot of rain, the created moisture can trap contaminants on your vehicle’s exterior and cause and accelerate rusting.
  • Air Pollution – Urban areas with a lot of air pollution will eventually wear down your paint and finish. Acid rain will cause even more damage and don’t think that heavy rains, on their own, can be your car or trucks only washing source.

Washing and waxing keeps your car or truck clean and protects your car from everyday environmental threats. By washing your car enough, you are ultimately protecting it from etching, discoloration, fading, rusting and more!

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