On most weekends, you can drive through town and see neighbors cleaning their cars themselves. What most of these do-it-yourselfers don’t know is that they are forgetting to clean the undersides of their cars or trucks. Probably because if it is out of sight, then it is out of mind. Getting your undercarriage cleaned at a professional car wash helps you prevent the following problems…

Drainage Problems / Rusting

Dirt and grime build up under your car or truck over time and clog or restrict the follow of water through drainage holes in your undercarriage. When these drainage holes are clogged or restricted, water will accumulate in your car during storms and will eventually start rusting your undercarriage.

Salt Corrosion

In our area, we salt the roads during bad weather and this salt can deteriorate the metal on your car or truck overtime. The deterioration will then expose your vehicle to more moisture and eventually it will rust. You need to get this salt off the top, bottom, sides, and inside of your car or truck after salt has been used on the streets.

Heating Problems

Your car and truck pass excess heat through the undercarriage of your car or truck so it can maintain a good steady temperate inside and outside of your vehicle. When your undercarriage is dirty and drainage holes are clogged or restricted, your car can overheat, which can cause some of your vehicle’s components to have to work harder and eventually fail before their times.

The best way to prevent drainage, corrosion, and heating problems is to get your car or truck cleaned regularly at a profession car wash.

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