Your car probably gets regular oil changes, brake tests, spark plug replacements, and more but when is the last time you took time to care for the interior and exterior of your car or truck? The following are some features and benefits of why car and truck owners should have their investments detailed from time to time.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning your car or truck to make it look as good as possible inside and out.

What Does Detailing Usually Include?

A Full Cleaning

All detailers have their own approaches to detailing a car or truck, but all most all companies clean every square inch of your car or truck during a detailing.

Attention to the Exterior

It’s the first thing people notice about your car or truck so detailer will work to make it look as brand new as possible. Dirt, grease, scratches, and other blemishes accumulate over time on your car or trucks body and detailers use degreasers, detergents, and good ol’ fashion elbow grease to get rid of these blemishes.

  • Washing & Drying – Usually a high powered wash and a comprehensive hand-washing with soap. Then a dry with proper materials.
  • Claying – As a 2nd step, Some detailers use clay bars to remove watermarks, soap scum, and other materials left on the car after the wash & dry.
  • Polishing – A good polishing will restore the shine that your car or truck loses over time.
  • Sealing – Sealant can be added to give your car or truck and even more glossy shine.

Attention to the Interior

Your car or truck’s interior can really take a beating over time. Old food, dirt, debris, and God knows whatever accumulates over time on car or truck’s interior. Sometimes it take more time to clean the interior that the exterior of your auto. Detailers have the tools and technique to get your car or truck’s interior looking its best. Some of the tools include steam cleaners, vacuums, and assorted brushes.

  • Vacuuming – After cleaning up the large items on an interior, details will use a vacuum to get rid of the rest.
  • Brushing/Scrubbing/Shampooing – Focusing on the mats and upholstery first to remove the stains and blemishes that a regular wash can’t lift.
  • Wiping/Re-vacuuming – Cleaning, wiping, and revacumming windows, dashboards, door panels, and more. Then wiping surfaces down with a cleaning agent that need a little more attention.
  • Deodorizing – Spraying the inside of  your car or truck to give it a good clean smell

Detailing Helps Your Auto Cosmetically and Financially

Yes… your car or truck will look great and make you feel pride of ownership but a good detailing will also remove stubborn stains, dirt, and debris can ruin your paint job and lower the value of your auto overtime. A car or truck that is kept clean consistently will hold its value better overtime and bring in a larger payment it comes time to sell it.

Detailing Keeps You Healthy

Since you are driving around friends, family, and others in your auto, they are all leaving behind things they bring from the outside in, along with viruses and such. It’s not nice to think about, but your auto is being filled with millions and millions of microscopic creatures overtime. You can remove most of them with a good detailing to make sure the least amount of germs, allergens, and more possible aren’t riding along with you!

A Clean Car or Truck Reflects on You Professionally 

You wash and iron your clothes to look good when you go out, apply for a job, or find new business opportunities, right? Your car or truck is an extension of yourself, so it’s one way customers, employers, and peers make evaluations about you.

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